December 9th, 2013, 10:27 am

'The Skybox' starts today!

Hey there! I mentioned that I would go posting my new webcomic once it went up, and guess what: it’s now up and starting TODAY! Do you enjoy stories with griffins, dragons that shoot lightning, agender astronaut birds, internet magic, selective gravity, and a lot more? Then you may like this one!

You can check out ‘The Skybox’ over at! The Skybox is drawn in the style of a storyboard animatic, with 10-30 panels per update that you can flip through in the update itself or with your keyboard arrows.

The first eight updates will be daily just to get the story rolling, and then afterwards it will update weekly on Tuesdays.

I’m super excited to finally get this comic off the ground, so I hope that you all enjoy it! :D

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